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Need to choose from home plans that have a basement? View them side-by-side with our new navigation tool.

Do you want to build a home with a basement but aren’t sure where to turn for detailed floor plans or even some inspirational ideas? Look no farther than High Desert Design. Our website has recently undergone a facelift and introduced top of the line features such as a navigational tool that enables you to view home plans with a basement side by side for in depth comparison and analysis. Through comparing more than one plan, this kind of tool will ensure that you make a truly informed decision on what floor plans you end up choosing.

Whether you’re a builder or a buyer, a good quality basement is a standard expectation in the Utah housing market. High Desert Designs has a search tool that can greatly assist with the process of comparing and deciding on the floor plans that suit with your needs or the needs of your buyer best. On their new website, clients and potential buyers are able to view home plans with a basement and even compare them. The ability to view home plans with a basement side by side gives an often unseen perspective and will provide a substantial element of insight and imagination to a usually dry thought process.

With this new navigator feature on our extremely user-friendly interface, you’ll not only be able to view home plans with a basement but also filter the results to fit your specific needs. You can screen the results for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and more important features that have the power to either make or break a particular floor plan. The chance to view home plans with a basement is a big one, and one that you might even be able to share with your buyers if you’re a contractor or home builder.  Your buyers and clients will undoubtedly appreciate the thought that you will have put into each of the designs and plans that you’ve viewed on our database. You can even refer your buyers to view home plans with a basement on our website, in order for them to get a good grasp on what exactly they’re dealing with. After all, sometimes construction and home design can be a tricky and confusing business. The clarity and confidence that accompanies buyers when they view home plans with a basement is utterly matchless and much needed.