We have floor plans to match Utah housing code and home specifications.

Imagine moving into a house or building one from the ground up that had a very vital flaw: it violated the Utah code for home plans. Sadly, this unfortunate circumstance is more common than one might think. This is why High Desert Designs has made it a top priority to double check each and every one of their housing plan specifications to spot any building code violations before it’s too late. You will never have to worry about the floor plans that we have in our archives and databases. They are fully up to code and will serve your needs or the needs of your client excellently.

Thought it might seem like common sense to keep the Utah building code in mind for any housing floor plans that might be made, it is often overlooked. High Desert Design, however, never forgets about the building code. We make sure to keep it in mind while we create and design floor plans for houses all over Utah so that we don’t put our designers or contractors in a tough spot. That’s the last thing we want to do. We want to design and build beautiful and spacious homes that are completely in accordance with the Utah code for home plans and we continually accomplish this goal by paying attention to every little detail involved in our creative process.

You won’t ever have to worry about any type of violations of the building code for home plans when you work with High Desert Design. Both our technical and creative processes are meticulous with the details and housing plan specifications; nothing gets by our highly trained and effective crew led by Gary Cannon. Your housing plan specifications will be as thorough and well thought out as possible, yielding you a completely up-to-code dream home. From complete floor plans to designs for an addition to your house or garage, be confident that High Desert Designs will do a thoroughly comprehensive job in any project we take on. We guarantee that any plans or projects we are involved with will comply with Utah’s state and local building code for home plans and will comply with mandated housing plan specifications. Your ideal home is right around the corner!